Series 19

Unidirectional knife gate valve series 19


Unidirectional knife gate valve cast iron AISI 316 – Brandonivalves

The bidirectional knife gate valves in Series 19, with a cast iron or stainless steel body, are produced in conformity with severe product norms and with EN ISO 9001 quality requirements.
They are available with various seals and, on request, may be manufactured with a square shape.
These valves are suitable for water plants, pneumatic plants, waste water and purification plants, and for the chemical and food industries. Furthermore, they are suitable for handling viscous liquids or liquids with solid parts in suspension. (Please ensure the choice of the corresponding item).
The seals are available in different materials, which correspond to the various fluids to be carried.
These valves are supplied, as standard, with a rising stem. On request, they can be equipped with a non-rising stem, as well as with a wide range of actuators and accessories available for this series.

Unidirectional knife gate valve cast iron AISI 316 – yes or no:

YES: for choking and regulation of the flow. Self-cleaning.


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