EKOFLUX Series balancing valves Brandoni S.p.A.

EKOFLUX Series balancing valves Brandoni S.p.A.

Brandoni S.p.A. has been producing balancing valves, of large diameters with flanged connections for over 5 years, in Romagnano Sesia.

The EKOFLUX.S series valves of Brandoni S.p.A. produce the flow balance in the circuit in the primary branches of heating and air conditioning systems, allowing an improvement of thermal comfort and an optimisation of energy consumption. They also perform the interception and measurement functions.

Made of GG25 cast iron, with flanged joints according to EN1092-2 PN16, on request according to ANSI B16.5 cl.150 and gauge according to EN 558-1 series 1, inside and outside temperature resistant epoxy coating, comply with Directive 97/23/EC PED module A. Suitable for use up to 16 bar and 140° c.

They allow a simple and precise flow control thanks to micrometric adjustment hand wheel, adjustable in order to make its reading easier.

The memory of pre-setting position ensures a safe return to the adjustment position set following the closure of the valve.

The valve is supplied with two quick connection coupling pressure taps for pressure/temperature detection. Measuring the flow can be determined according to the opening position, from reading of the corresponding Flow charts or through the use of a dedicated electronic instrument.

In addition to the Manual version, the range is completed with two automatic versions:

EKOFLUX.D and M = automatic Differential Pressure Control Valve. (DPCV)

EKOFLUX.PI = automatic Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV).

The automatic models allow adjustment of air conditioning and heating and maintenance of the set characteristics (differential pressure or flow rate) under varying conditions without operator intervention. The DPCV and PICV balancing valves do not require external power sources.

The DPCV version consists of two models:

EKOFLUX.D controls and maintains differential pressure constant on the branches of the primary users.

Advantages: Energy cost optimisation and user yield improvement. Reduced risk of noise and wear of thermostatic valves. In addition to reduced installation time during set-up.

EKOFLUX.M, has a graduated control handwheel, in addition to performing the same functions as EKOFLUX.D, it has the advantage of being able to close the flow, (ON/OFF function) avoiding the use of an additional ON/OFF valve on the system. In addition with the graduated handwheel, you can carry out the measurement function through the correspondence with the graphic tables provided.

The latest addition to the AUTOMATIC range is the PICV version. Pressure Independent Control Valve or automatic flow control valve, independent of the pressure.

The EKOFLUX.PI performs the control and regulation of the flow to the users or to sections of air-conditioning and heating systems.

Compensating for variation in pressure of the system it maintains a constant flow rate by reducing start-up costs and management of electric pumps and improving the thermal efficiency.

The valve is normally equipped with an electric actuator which allows the Proportional “Linear” Control of the flow. This means that 40% of the opening of the shutter matches 40% of the flow value.

In addition to regulating the valve can close the flow, measure the flow rate and, with specific test points, measure the temperature.