Brandoni Story-1965

Brandoni Story-1965

Brandoni Story

1965 Via Trinchieri 56 – Romagnano Sesia

Fratelli Brandoni Metalworking

It was 1965 and Brandoni S.p.A. was not the company we know today.

It was located in Via Trinchieri 56 where the Brandoni brothers, Gian Renzo and Pier Franco, produced mechanical instruments for various sectors. The photo shows a newly manufactured motor hoe, Gian Renzo and his daughter, Antonella Brandoni. A few years later, we started specialising in industrial valves and in 1995, we changed the company name to Brandoni S.p.A., switching from a product-related to a market-related strategy, responding to the different needs of the global market.

Fifty-two years have gone by since this photo was taken, but the values and the enthusiasm are still very much a fundamental part of who we are. We are proud of our origins, of the goals we have achieved and our future projects and targets.