A giant valve has been spotted!

A giant valve has been spotted!

This is the Ball valve F7 DN 600, yes 600 or 60 cm in diameter.

As you can see from the picture, it can hold a child or compete with a man of almost 2 meters.

This blue giant will be installed in the inflow duct of the sewage treatment plant of Genoa, which is located within the port area.

To create less hassle for users of the area, which is more popular during the summer, the work has been moved along to begin in September.

The F7 is a non-return ball check valve with spheroidal graphite cast iron body, a metal ball covered in NBR rubber.

It is suitable for waste water, industrial and agricultural applications, for viscous and dense liquids.

It is suitable: for vertical (recommended) and horizontal installation.

At total passage, small load loss.

Inspectable and self-cleaning.